Last night's 3rd Annual One-Take Super-8 Event was a HUGE success. Funk 'n Waffles jam packed 100+ people, many standing only. There were 24 online viewers, via Live Stream on thisbluehippo.com.

Thanks to all the filmmakers for finding the time in their busy lives to make creative and enjoyable films for us all!

Give us a few weeks and we will have the films digitized and ready for the next adventure. Urban Video Project anyone??


One-Take Super-8 Event TONIGHT 8 pm!

8PM (DOORS 7:30) / $3



If you cannot make it, we will be streaming it LIVE over at thisbluehippo.com! The stream will start around 7:45 pm.



the films have been shot
posters cover Syracuse
the films have been processed
soundtracks / live performances in the making 
the films are all spliced together 
and ready to go

See you on Saturday, April 4th


One-Take Super-8 Event is drawing near!

Hi everyone,

We hope all is going well and you are either wrapping up or shooting your films. We just wanted to remind you all of some dates and a few notes:

1) ALL FILMS ARE DUE BY MONDAY, MARCH 16TH! The exposed Super-8 cartridges can be dropped off at Funk-n-Waffles (727 S. Crouse Avenue in Campus Plaza). If you cannot make it there please contact us: super8syracuse@gmail.com so we can make an arrangement to drop off the film. Please write your name on the film cartridge.

2) Please submit a 1-2 line synopsis with your film so that we can prepare the screening programs. Also provide the correct spelling of your name for the title slides. Download the "Movie Info Form".

3) If you want to have sound with your film (this is highly encouraged), you may provide a live soundtrack at the event, or a prerecorded track to play simultaneously with your film. You will not be able to view your film before it is screened publicly, so make your soundtrack accordingly. A roll of Super8 film runs approximately 3 minutes 30 seconds. All prerecorded soundtracks must be submitted to Funk'n Waffles by Friday, March 27th.

4) The date of the event is Saturday, April 4th, 8:00 pm. Filmmakers will get into the event for free, $3 for everyone else.

Please let us know if you have any questions.



Syracuse One-Take Super 8 - Call for Sponsorship!

Organizers are looking for event partners and sponsors. We are putting out the call to any organization or company that would be interested in helping to support this year's much-anticipated event. Sponsorship is needed to assist in the procurement of equipment, marketing materials, and technical assistance. All will be acknowledged on event materials and at the event. If you have any ideas or are interested in sponsoring, let us know! More official-like information and materials (sponsorship form, etc.) can be provided.

We hope your movie making is going well!


17 Films from 22 Filmmakers!!!

This year we received 17 film entries!  We have some returning filmmakers from previous years and some folks who are brand new to the super-8 medium.  So, without further ado, here is the list of this year's One-Take Super-8 Syracuse participants!  (not in screening order)
  1. Christina Kolozsvary
  2. Kyle Corea & Stone Dow
  3. Brett Kashmere
  4. Elizabeth Greene
  5. Evan Ferrario
  6. Mark Povinelli (2 films)
  7. Adam Gold
  8. Kyle Corea & Mike Broderick
  9. Erick Ferris & Gordon Brookes
  10. Phillip Loeb & Mike Canale
  11. Ashley Ferris
  12. Alex Jager
  13. Ken Keech, Vanessa Rose, Brendan Rose, Jason & Briana Kohlbrenner
  14. Ken Keech, Vanessa Rose, Jason & Briana Kohlbrenner
  15. Jonny Fong & Phil Radkey
  16. Alexey VS
This year looks to be great.  Remember, join us April 4th at Funk-n-Waffles for the screening!


Film pick-up and drop-off will be at Funk-n-Waffles.  
This has been the method for the past two years and it has been really successful.  If this posses to be an inconvenience for anyone, please email us and we can work something out!

Hey to Everyone:

Since Super-8 cameras are not provided, there are some film makers that do not have their own and will need to borrow one.  Is there anyone who has an extra one to lend out?  Or when you are done filming would you be willing to lend that one out?  
please add a comment with your email for someone in need to contact you.  Or email us at super8syracuse.gmail to figure something out.



10 spots open!

the submissions date has been extended to wednesday, feb 4th.  this way we can add on a few more late-comers.
the event will also be premiered on a week later- on saturday, april 4th, and will be at Funk-n-Waffles!
TIME OF EVENT TBA (as soon as the guys at Funk-n-Waffles gives us a time)


Last week to submit entry for the event!

Only 13 spots left, so dont wait until the last minute.

-entries and fee due this week.
-we will be ordering the film by friday, 5pm.
-if you miss out on the bulk order, you can get film on your own 
and we can still process the film together for only $20.  
still, only first 25 entries. please double check with 
us that there is space.
-once the film comes in we will email everyone on 
where to pick it up, as soon as it comes in.

email us with any questions!


T-Minus 15 and counting...

Only 15 spots left!


Fliers are still going up! If you are interested in helping distribute propaganda contact us at Super8Syracuse (a) gmail.com!

Get the word out.


only 23 entries left!!
HEY!  Syracuse's 3rd Annual One-Take Super-8 call for entries fliers are going up all over Syracuse this week.  

Entry date is Friday, January 28th, 5pm!  For more info,  you can download the entry form here or click on the link to the right.

Email Super8Syracuse@gmail.com to secure your entry and schedule your payment. 

First 25 entries only, so if you are seriously interested, seriously get off your ass.  We will keep you posted on how many spots are still available, so be sure to check back.

The film will be ready for pick up February 9th.  We will notify everyone if it comes in sooner. Keep in mind, it is crucial that we keep the deadlines strict in order to be fair and have good flow.

Looking forward to watching some dope shit!