How do I sign up as a filmmaker for the 2015 event?Registration for the 2015 event will be 
9th year 2015 Timeline:

Oct 31, 2015: Registration Deadline **Link to Form Here
Nov 1, 2015 - Jan 8, 2016: Shoot those films!
Jan 10, 2016: All films due
Jan 31, 2016: Title, short films description (optional) and sound tracks due
March 19, 2016: Live Film Screeningat the Westcott Community Center / Doors 6:30 . Films 7PM

Do you need to be a professional filmmaker or have any experience in making a film?

The event welcomes both professional and amateur filmmakers to participate. Though experience using a Super 8 camera is helpful, it is not required. Learn how-to use a Super 8 camera at one of our "How To" workshops for only $10.

Do I have to live in Syracuse to participate?

Nope. We welcome filmmakers from all over. However, films must be made during our timeline. We can not accept films shot prior. OTS8 rules must apply as well. Unfortunately if you live out side the area, you may have to miss the live screening, which is half the fun.

Where will the ninth live screening event be taking place?

We will premier 29 new Super 8 films on Saturday, March 19, 2016, at the Westcott Community Center, located at 826 Euclid Ave, at the corner of Westcott Ave. 

Doors will open at 6:30PM // Films will start approx. 7:00PM

$5 cover; kids under 12 are free (as well filmmakers are free)
popdorn included!

Is the OTS8 a competitive event?

This is a non-competitive event. We view all the new films together at the live screening.

What if I don't own a Super 8 camera?

No need to own your own camera to participate. We have several cameras that will be available to borrow for one week at a time. If you know when you would like to shoot your film, we recommend you schedule those dates as soon as possible to secure those dates.  

I've never used a Super 8 camera before. Is it easy to use? Is there an instructional workshop?

Super 8's are very user-friendly. If you've never shot with one before, we recommend that you take our “How to Use a Super 8 Camera” workshop for $10. 2015 date to be announced.

How long is a Super 8 film?

A reel of Super 8 film is 50 feet long which translates into 3 minutes and 20 seconds of shooting fun.  

Can I make more than one film?

We accept the maximum of 30 filmmakers a year. If less than 30 register, we will extend an invitation to registered filmmakers with the option of making a second one. Please let us know ahead of time if you want to be on that list. Note: If you make two films, you will need to pay two registration fees; there are no discounts.

What does "One Take" mean?

Basically, you shoot the film, give it to us, we send it off to processing and then we view everyone’s film at the live screening event.  There is no opportunity post-processing for you to edit your film by cutting/slicing/rearranging. After all we are working with film. There is no way to rewind and re-tape. All “edits” are made in camera as you shoot - each shot is made with "one take" in mind. You do have the choice to stop and start your film as many times as you like or you can shoot a film entirely without stopping (but not many people do). Keep in mind what you shoot is what you shoot. And what you get, is what you get. There is no way to erase or redo anything!

Can I submit a Super 8 film that I made before?

For this event we only premiere new films that have been specifically made for this OTS8 event. Unfortunately this is not the platform to show previously made films. However, please let us know if you have other films that you want to screen cause we are involved in other events as well.

What does the $50 submission fee cover?

The $50 submission fee covers the cost of your film, processing expenses, shipping costs, batteries, and other related details to your experience. Bonus: after all films are digitized, your film will be upload to the Super 8 Syracuse Vimeo account.

Can I use my own Super 8 film?

Yes, you can use your own film, but it MUST be: Ektachrome 100D 7285* (Color) or similar color film, or Tri-X B/W 7266 (Black & White). If you decide to use film, let us know and we will reduce the submission fee to $30.

*Sadly, this film has been discontinued. But if you still have some, great. Otherwise, we have alternative color film for the event. soon on where you can purchase comparative film.

Does Super 8 film record sound?  

No Super 8 film does not record sound. During the screening of your film, we encourage filmmakers to either perform something live, make a soundtrack, or keep things silent. 

FYI - if you choose to use a popular song without legal permission, it may not upload to Vimeo. 

What is the most common mistake when shooting a Super 8 film? 

The most common error is the miss use of LIGHTING. 

SHOOTING INDOORS: You can not light your film indoors with common household lights - no matter how many you use at one time! If you shoot indoors, make sure there is a lot of natural light pouring in and also use a construction lighting, such as the Workforce 500-Watt Halogen Portable Work Light, found at most hardware stores (cost is under $30 or we have one to lend out). You will also want to make sure that the indoor filter is selected on the camera (we'll show you where this is). If you have the outdoor filter selected, chances are that you film will be underexposed.

SHOOTING OUTDOORS: When shooting outdoors, you need to make sure that the correct filter is selected - it's easy on a bright day to overexpose your film if the indoor setting is selected. We'll show you where this feature is! 

Can I view my film before the event?

Sorry! No one can view their film beforehand -- even the organizers do not watch the films. (The organizers, view the first few seconds of all films to see if they came out or not.)

What if my film doesn't come out? Will I get a refund?

It's painful and inevitable that a couple films don't come out. If the reason is out of our control, we will not issue a refund. However, the mistake was our doing, we will happily offer you a free-pass to next year's event. 

Please email us with any questions - super8syracuse@gmail.com

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