10 spots open!

the submissions date has been extended to wednesday, feb 4th.  this way we can add on a few more late-comers.
the event will also be premiered on a week later- on saturday, april 4th, and will be at Funk-n-Waffles!
TIME OF EVENT TBA (as soon as the guys at Funk-n-Waffles gives us a time)


Last week to submit entry for the event!

Only 13 spots left, so dont wait until the last minute.

-entries and fee due this week.
-we will be ordering the film by friday, 5pm.
-if you miss out on the bulk order, you can get film on your own 
and we can still process the film together for only $20.  
still, only first 25 entries. please double check with 
us that there is space.
-once the film comes in we will email everyone on 
where to pick it up, as soon as it comes in.

email us with any questions!


T-Minus 15 and counting...

Only 15 spots left!


Fliers are still going up! If you are interested in helping distribute propaganda contact us at Super8Syracuse (a) gmail.com!

Get the word out.


only 23 entries left!!
HEY!  Syracuse's 3rd Annual One-Take Super-8 call for entries fliers are going up all over Syracuse this week.  

Entry date is Friday, January 28th, 5pm!  For more info,  you can download the entry form here or click on the link to the right.

Email Super8Syracuse@gmail.com to secure your entry and schedule your payment. 

First 25 entries only, so if you are seriously interested, seriously get off your ass.  We will keep you posted on how many spots are still available, so be sure to check back.

The film will be ready for pick up February 9th.  We will notify everyone if it comes in sooner. Keep in mind, it is crucial that we keep the deadlines strict in order to be fair and have good flow.

Looking forward to watching some dope shit!