2011 films now online!

For your viewing pleasure, enjoy 2011's films HERE.


Learn how to use a Super 8 camera!

We are hosting two "How-to use a Super 8 camera" workshops here in Syracuse for all you wannabe's.  They will be held at Craft Chemistry (745 N. Salina St) and instructed by 2-3 local filmmakers.

Join us on Saturday, January 28 at 2pm  OR  Saturday, February 10th at 2pm

No need to reserve your spot, just show up.  And if for some crazy real reason you cant make either of these workshops, please email us to make other special arrangements.


We have our 30!

In record breaking time, we have 30 filmmakers for the event!  We do have a waiting list, so please dont let this news hold you back from emailing us with your interest for participating!  super8syracuse@gmail.com

6th Annual OTS8 Event - here we come!


We lend out Super 8 cameras!!

Don't hesitate to sign up for the event because you don't have a camera!  That's silly cause we have cameras to lend out!!  We keep a flexible schedule and offer convenient locations for easy pick up / drop off.  We do restrict use for only a few days at time, but you can schedule a camera more than once if needed and when a camera is available.  Keep in mind that as we near when the films are due, the more challenging it will be to borrow a camera when you need it.  We suggest borrowing the camera sooner than later.  And be specific if you need a camera that has a special function such as: slow motion or time-lapse.

Don't hesitate to sign up for the event because you've never used a Super 8 camera before! You'll be surprised how simple it is!  To learn how to use a camera, attend one of our "how to use a Super 8 camera" workshops: Saturday, January 28 and Saturday, February 11, both at 2pm and at Craft Chemistry.  No need to sign in, just show up!


Spots are filling up quickly!

We are truly impressed with the influx of interested participants for this year's event!  18 spots have already been reserved, making us well on our way to 30!