Could this be reel?

In December 2013, Kodak announced that they will no longer be producing the Ektachrome 100D color Super 8 film. And the other color films that they have in stock won't work for this event. So what are we going to do??? Well, this certainly encourages us to be creative and do some research. Should we host an all black-and-white film event? Or will we get lucky and find color film somewhere out there, that's affordable and trustworthy? Only time will tell. We'll keep you posted!


Year #seven killed it!

This event is never boring. EVER! It just gets better and better. We had approx 200 people in attendance throughout the night and 30 very successful and enjoyable films were screened. Here are a few highlights from the evening. For more photos, visit this album on our Facebook page.

Welcome everyone!

 Pretty faces and pizza eaters greet guests.

Final screening adjustments. 

 Free popcorn and peanuts for all.
The screening kicked off with a hilarious film about a cat. 

 By far the best live performance of the evening!

Here's a snapshot of most of the 2014 filmmakers.


The 7th annual screening is TONIGHT

After months of planning and shooting films, the 7th annual live film screening is upon us. Phew! We hope to see you there ooo-ing and ahh-ing all the great films. Here's tonight's film order in case you were curious:


Spliced and Diced

All 30 Super 8 films have been spliced into six reels and ready to go for Saturday's live screening.

Thanks Andy Quirk for your editing help!!!

Here's an inside look at Jason working hard to make sure the projectors are in good working shape: 


April brings showers of smiles

Hello lovely promo poster. You'll be seeing this email posted all around town and hopefully in your inbox soon.


Half way there!

The deadline to for filmmakers to turn in there newly shot Super 8 films is just around the corner.  This year we have *32* new Super 8 films to screen -- oh my!  We've ordered more take up reels and had the fortune of finding a second working projector which will help us run the event nice and smoothly.
Things are shaping up to be a great season!  We'll be posting our event information very soon.  For now, mark your calendars for Saturday, April 20th.


30+ filmmakers booked!

As of today, we have over 30 people registered to be a part of the upcoming event.  If you are interested in being on our waiting list, please drop us a line.

Thanks all!


Deadlines & Dates for 2013

Here are the deadlines for the 2013 event:
Register/complete entry form by Friday, January 18th.
Once confirmed, pay the $40 submission fee by Friday, January 25th.
Get your Super 8 film Friday, February 1st and onward.
Borrow a camera from February 1st - March 24th.
Completed films are due Monday, March 25th!
Title/list of filmmakers/one sentence description, due by Sunday, April 14th.
The soundtrack or other is due Sunday, April 14th.